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Sheung-Hsuan Lin

slinDr. Sheng-Hsuan Lin received his MD from National Taiwan University and received ScM from Department of Biostatistics and ScD from Department of Epidemiology at Harvard University. Dr. Lin focuses his research in the area of Epidemiologic methods, employing causal inference theory to formalize concepts of mediation and pathway analysis and developing statistical and computational methods for effect decompositions. He is currently working on the methods for causal mediation analysis with time-varying and multiple mediators in complicated systems, extending mediation methods to longitudinal settings, along with corresponding software development. On the applied side, Dr. Lin is actively applying the new methods to investigate causal mechanism for diseases including Alzheimer disease, cardiovascular disease, and the relationship between religion and health. He is also collaborating with clinicians in neuro-psychiatric disorder such as sleep deprivation and behavior addiction.


  • Reuels Stallones Student Prize Paper Award Winner