Key papers around topics selected by epidemiology experts. SERplaylists are accessible by current members of SER.

Life Course Epidemiology
Pam Factor Litvak, Columbia University
Selecton Bias
Jay Kaufman, McGill University

Collaboration & Team Science

Sean D. Cleary, George Washington University
Self-Controlled Designs in Epidemiologic Research
Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, University of Washington
Ten of Sander Greenland’s Top Papers
Charles Poole, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Molecular Pathological Epidemiology
Shuji Ogino, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Tools and Insights for the Epidemiology of Cognitive Aging and Dementia
 Jennifer Weuve, Rush University Medical Center

Writing a Successful Grant Proposal
Lisa Bodnar, University of Pittsburgh

Quantitative Bias Analysis Playlist
Matthew P. Fox, Timothy L. Lash
Human Fecundity and Fertility
Germaine M. Buck Louis
Sociological Research
Jason Boardman, University of Colorado, Boulder