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Student Dissertation Workshop

A primary objective of SER is to encourage and foster the professional development of students of epidemiology and young investigators. The Student Dissertation Workshop addresses this objective, by providing a forum in which doctoral-level students in epidemiology, in different substantive areas, using a range of epidemiologic methods, interact with other doctoral students and experienced epidemiologists. The Workshop includes 12 students and 5 faculty (led by the President-Elect of the Society) and takes place on the day prior to the SER Annual Meeting in June of each year. The workshop, which first took place in 1977, has been conducted continuously for over 40 years. Its purpose is to provide students with an opportunity to have their thesis work reviewed, critiqued, and discussed in a supportive and constructive atmosphere by highly respected and experienced epidemiologists. Students enrolled in a formal degree program in epidemiology with a dissertation that is in progress but not complete, are eligible to participate in this workshop.