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Student Dissertation Workshop

A primary objective of the SER is to encourage and foster the professional development of students of epidemiology and young investigators. One way of meeting this objective was felt to be to provide a forum in which doctoral-level students working on theses that utilize various types of epidemiologic studies, in a number of different substantive areas, using a range of epidemiologic methods, could interact with other graduate students and senior epidemiologists. This has been accomplished by conducting a one-day in-depth Student Workshop for 12 students on the day prior to the SER annual scientific meeting in June of each year. The workshop, which first took place in 1977, has been conducted continuously for 30 years. Its purpose is to provide students with an opportunity to have their thesis work reviewed, critiqued, and discussed in a supportive and constructive atmosphere by highly respected senior epidemiologists and faculty who are productive researchers in the “real world” and who have a variety of epidemiologic, clinical, and methodological expertise. Students enrolled in a formal degree program in epidemiology who are working on any phase of their dissertation, from design to analysis, are eligible to participate in this workshop.


The 2018 Student Dissertation Workshop made me feel like I wanted to be a student again. Each student was so passionate about their dissertation research I really learned from each of their presentations. The interdisciplinary collaborative synergy at the workshop between the students and faculty was so inspiring and refreshing.  Each student and faculty were able bring a different viewpoint to the workshop which allowed them to provide new feedback for all participants. I am truly honored to have been a part of such a constructive and productive workshop!

–Enrique Schisterman, 2018 Workshop Chair