Quarterly half-day to full-day workshops across the country featuring an expert on key epidemiology topics. Some events are available via live-streaming, other events may be recorded.


SERtalks – Portland

November 1, 2019

Dr. Richard MacLehose, University of Minnesota

“An Introduction to Quantitative Bias Analysis”

SERtalks – NIH

November 14, 2019

Dr. Marc G. Weisskopf, Harvard University
R. Devon Payne-Sturges, University of Maryland

Air pollution and neurodevelopment: Translating from biology to epidemiology to policy

SERtalks – Texas

February 7, 2020

Dr. Jennifer Ahern, University of California, Berkeley

More details coming soon!

SERtalks – Michigan

February 27, 2020

Dr. Michael Kramer, Emory University

More details coming soon!

SERtalks – Indiana

April 10, 2020

Dr. Chanelle Howe, Brown University

More details coming soon!