Webinar featuring a dynamic plenary between two leading epidemiologists and live oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts. Participants are encouraged to participate individually or organize a viewing party at their institution.

“Reliability and Validity of Systems Science Models in Epidemiology”

March 18, 2020, 12-1pm EDT

Overview: Systems science applies computer algorithms to model dynamic interactions between simulated individuals and their environment. These designs may be useful for public health research involving disease etiology and intervention effectiveness when real-life data are not available. Systems science can also address interference, spatial dependence, or dynamic feedback processes. How do we know our simulation reflects what occurs (or would occur) in the real world? Panelists will provide a high-level overview of these methods and published applications in epidemiology, followed by a discussion of the challenges associated with model calibration, empirical validation, and quantification of uncertainties.

Katherine M. Keyes, PhD
Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Co-Director, Psychiatric Epidemiology Training Program
Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

Eleanor J. Murray, ScD
Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
Boston University School of Public Health

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