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Webinar featuring a dynamic plenary between two leading epidemiologists and live oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts. Participants are encouraged to participate individually or organize a viewing party at their institution.


November 10, 2021
12PM – 1PM EDT


“Infodemic Inoculation – Lessons Learned and Future Directions”

As online news and social media sites flood us with content, epidemiologists must become effective scientific communicators. The current “infodemic”, brought on by the increasing availability of misleading information related to COVID-19, reflects the public health importance of vetting news for accuracy. Many health experts have already made use of online platforms to combat the viral spread of misinformation. Panelists will present their success stories in countering current and future infodemics.

Thu T. Nguyen, ScD, MSPH (she/hers/her)
Assistant Professor
Department of Family and Community Medicine
University of California, San Francisco

Thu Nguyen, ScD, MSPH is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). She is a social epidemiologist whose research focuses on the impact of modifiable social factors on minority health and health disparities. A primarily line of focus of her research is investigating the influence of racism and discrimination in creating and perpetuating health equities. Dr. Nguyen uses a variety of different data sources (including Big Data) and approaches (including quantitative and qualitative research methods) to advance our understanding of social determinants of health. Dr. Nguyen received her BA in Human Biology from Stanford University, her MSPH in Epidemiology from UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, and her ScD in Social Epidemiology from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Sandra Albrecht, PhD, MPH (she/her/hers)
Assistant Professor
Department of Epidemiology
Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University 

Dr. Albrecht is formally trained as a social epidemiologist, with additional training in the social sciences, nutrition, and in both chronic and infectious diseases. Her research focuses on the social determinants of nutrition-related diseases in immigrants and other marginalized populations with an emphasis on improving access to quality care, and to affordable, healthy food. Dr. Albrecht has also been engaged in scientific communication efforts to help individuals, communities and policy-makers make evidence-based decisions around health. To this end, she has been serving as Chief Epidemiologist for Dear Pandemic, a social media-based, multi-disciplinary COVID-19 science communication project aimed at tackling the “infodemic” of misinformation that has helped to cripple the response to the pandemic. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the parallel Spanish language effort, Querida Pandemia.