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SER for Master’s students or Master’s-level professionals

The Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER), is one of the oldest and largest general epidemiology society in North America, is a professional organization for people working in epidemiology at all levels including students in a Master’s program and Master-level professionals. Members are epidemiologists employed in a variety of settings including universities, local/state health departments, federal government (CDC/NIH/FDA/EPA, etc.), pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, and more. SER offers something for everyone, irrespective of  your level of training.

Master’s Students:

Student Membership Rate: $35 (check to see if your university has a bundled membership)


Student and Post-Doc Committee (SPC)

SER has a committee dedicated to graduate (Master or PhD) students and post-docs. The SPC is focused on facilitating educational experiences and professional development. SPC events include a variety of networking activities, such as: speed mentoring, breakfast with the experts, student/faculty recruitment fairs, academic career seminars, and many opportunities to connect with peers. Stay tuned for a listing of SPC-sponsored events at this year’s annual meeting.



SER was established in 1968 as a venue for graduate students to exchange ideas with senior researchers!

Master\’s-Level Professionals

Membership Rate: $100 (Early Career) and $150 (Regular)

Master’s-level epidemiologists have the same opportunities to participate in SER as any other member. SER welcomes all master’s level epidemiologists and provides many ways to help you continue to excel in your career.


SERcollaboration:  SER is interested in engaging with other societies in an effort to encourage interdisciplinary research. Through collaboration, SER and members from the partnering societies are able to learn from each other and develop even better scientific inquiries. Click here to preview SER’s partnering societies and upcoming presentations.


SERdigitalSemi-Annual web meeting featuring a dynamic plenary between two leading epidemiologists and three live oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts.


SERexperts: Presentations by experts in the field highlighting career development, available online. Recent SERexperts presentations include: “Understanding and Reversing the Tide of the Opioid Epidemic” with Magdalena Cerda from NYU.


SERplaylists: Compiled sets of key papers around topics selected by epidemiology experts. For example, Elizabeth Stuart from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health compiled a series of 8 papers on Propensity Scores which touch on the role of propensity scores in non-experimental studies for causal effects, how they should be used (or not used), and recent examples.


SERpodcastEpidemiology Counts is the official podcast of the Society for Epidemiologic Research. The SERpodcast gives you up-to-date information on the state of health research, straight from researchers who are deeply involved with this work. Recent SERPodcast topics include:  “Vaping,”  “Influenza,” “Plastics and Public Health,” “Sweeteners,” and “Consequential Epidemiology.”


SERtalks: Quarterly workshops across the country featuring experts on key epidemiology topics. A recent talk was “Why Causation Matters: Stanford’s Second Colloquium on Machine Learning and Causal Inference.”


Journal Subscription and Oxford University Press Discount: After completing your degree, you may find that you lose access to peer-reviewed journals. With your membership, you will receive access to the American Journal of Epidemiology and Epidemiologic Reviews

Other Membership Perks:


SER Mentoring Program: The SER Mentoring Pilot Program is the first step toward building a long-term mentoring program that will connect SER members across training and career stages to develop professional networks, provide and receive advice, and discuss current literature and research opportunities. The goal of the mentoring program will be to facilitate connections and conversations that will help participants to achieve their career goals in epidemiology.  All SER Members can participate. 


SER Job Board: Are you looking for a job? Members gain access to the SER job board.


Discounted Annual Meeting Registration: The annual meeting is at the heart of SER’s mission of promoting epidemiologic research and nurturing junior scholars. The meeting is a packed 4 days of learning, networking, collaboration and fun with an open and inviting community of epidemiologists. At the annual meeting, make sure to connect with other master’s level epidemiologists at a Masters-level Symposium, sponsored by the SER Membership Committee.  The symposium includes a diverse panel of masters-level epidemiologists from as well as mentors whom have worked in the field and then decided to return to school for their PhD/DrPH/ScD in Epidemiology or a related field. 


There are numerous exciting SER events at the annual meeting for master’s level members, including breakfasts with the experts, alumni events, and much, much more! If you have an idea for master’s level event or are interested in getting more involved in SER, please contact a member of our administrative team. We hope that you will join us!