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Maximum Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for maximum number of presentations to be given by single speaker per SER Annual Conference

In an effort to expand and diversify the topics presented at SER and the speakers presenting them, we propose the following guideline for presentations given at the SER Annual Conference.

Starting at the 2019 annual meeting, the number of podium presentations given by one speaker per annual conference will be limited to 2.

  1. Symposia and abstract-driven presentations count toward this maximum in any combination, e.g., 2 symposia, 2 abstract-driven presentations, or 1 symposium and 1 abstract-driven presentation. Session Chairs, Moderators, and Discussants are considered a podium presentation, and count towards the 2 podium presentations.

  1. However, workshop presentations, plenary session presentations and professional development sessions do not count toward this maximum.

  2. Exceptions can be made for award winners, keynote speakers, and other distinct and extenuating circumstances.

The Executive Committee (EC) will ensure that investigators do not make more than two podium presentations throughout the process of putting together the SER program in several ways. First, to reduce the potential for exceeding the limit, we request that investigators consider priorities and do not attach their names to more than two symposium proposals each year. Second, after abstracts are selected for abstract-driven sessions, the EC will work with investigators whose talk-count now exceeds two, as well as with symposium organizers, to select alternative presenters for the symposium or find alternate presenters for the abstract.