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Epidemiologists on Twitter List

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Name Twitter Handle Affiliation Areas of Interest
Andrew Noymer @AndrewNoymer UC Irvine historical epi, social epi, infection
Brandon Pierce @BrandonL_Pierce University of Chicago Genetic, Molecular, Environmental, Cancer Epidemiology
Lindsay Kobayashi @1lindsayk University College London Health literacy, cognitive aging, cancer screening uptake, health communication, health behaviour, health inequalities
Dr Petra Wark @petrawark Coventry University mHealth, mHealth, dietary assessment, validation, chronic disease, prevention, etiology, methodology
Michael Bazaco @MCBazacoPhD Emerging Infectious Diseases, Methods Development, Teaching,
Anne Kavanagh @AKavanagh_melb University of Melbourne Social Epidemiology
Sherri Rose @sherrirose Harvard Medical School Causal Inference. Epidemiologic Methods. Nonparametrics. Machine Learning. Comparative Effectiveness Research.
Alvaro Alonso @alonso_epi University of Minnesota Cardiovascular epidemiology
Targeted Learning Research Group @target_learning Berkeley, Harvard, UW, and others. Epidemiologic Methods.
Stephanie Shiau @stephshiau Columbia University
Jeremy Labrecque @radarlake McGill university Methods, social epidemiology, program evaluation
Suzi Gage @soozaphone University of Bristol/ MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit substance use; mental health; genetic epidemiology
Darren Dahly @statsepi Clinical Research Facility Cork (University College Cork) Statistical epidemiology
Lisa Benjamin @Angbenj03 The University of the West Indies antimicrobial resistance, Risk analysis, Zoonotic diseases, Food safety
Emily T Murray @emilytmurray University College London life course; longitudinal; area effects; geography; social inequalities
Matthew Maenner @mmaenner Developmental disabilities, statistical learning methods
Peter Samai @psamai UNC Cancer Epidemiology
Orestis Panagiotou @orpanag Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics, National Cancer Institute evidence-based medicine, evidence synthesis, genetic epidemiology
Charleen Adams @CharleenDAdams Fred Hutchison Cance Research Center Cancer epidemiology, molecular epidemiology
Sally Jackson @Jacksonswriting Independent Evidence-informed intervention
Monica Gerber @mwgerber Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatric epidemiology, health disparities
Kelly K. Anderson @anderskk3 University of Western Ontario psychiatric epidemiology, health services research, social epidemiology
Katherine Sapra @katesapra NICHD and Columbia University Reproductive and Perinatal Epi
Daniel Beachler @danbeachler NCI Cancer, HPV
Ann Aschengrau @Annfromboston Boston University Reproductive and life course epidemiology, environmental pollution
Sherene @shereneesther University of Texas School of Public Health Health outcome, study design and analysis, physical activity research
Saeed Akhtar @akhtarsd Kuwait University Infectious Diseases including HBV, HCV, M. tuberculosis, Cancer, Multiple sclerosis
Gary J Macfarlane @UAberdeenEpi University of Aberdeen , United Kingdom Musculoskeletal , pain, fatigue,
Andrea Bellavia @andreabellavia Karolinska Institutet Epidemiologic Methods
Anne Marie Jukic @Annemariejukic Yale School of Public Health Perinatal epidemiology
Jyotsna Jagai @jyotsna_jagai University of Illinois at Chicago Environmental health scientist | public health advocate | epidemiology nerd
Justin Lessler @JustinLessler Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Infectious disease, statistics, methods
Alex Quistberg @aquistbe University of Washington Injury Epidemiology
Brittany Charlton @britshmit Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital #contraceptives #HPV #cervicalcancer #LGBT #healthdisparities
Rachel Sippy @GermCurves University of Wisconsin-Madison infectious disease, disease ecology, modeling
Simon Wheeler @WheelerSimon University of Cambridge Nutrition; Physical Activity; Assessment Methods; Obesity; Type 2 Diabetes; Pregnancy
Beth Widen @BethWiden Columbia University Nutrition epidemiology; Maternal and Child Health; Global Health
E. Amaka Nwankwo-Igomu @AmakaEvonne CDC Epidemiologist Social Epi, Global, pediatrics, HIV, MCH, Sub-Saharan Africa
Hemal Mehta @mehtahemal University of Texas Medical Branch Pharmacoepidemiology, Comparative Effectiveness Research
Rachel Widome rwidome University of Minnesota Social epidemiology, health promoting policy, health equity, young people
Dan Taber @DanTaber47 University of Texas School of Public Health obesity; policy; health disparities; systems science; nutrition; active transportation
Nikkita Patel @NKTA
Nicole E. Basta @IDEpiPhD University of Minnesota, School of Public Health, Division of Epidemiology Infectious Diseases, Vaccines, Maternal and Child Health, Epi Methods
Terry Boyle @drterryboyle BC Cancer Agency/UBC Cancer epidemiology; physical activity; sedentary behaviour
Helen Coleman @HelenColemanQUB Queen’s University Belfast Cancer epidemiology
Lynette Phillips @LynetteEpi Kent State University College of Public Health Cancer epi, prevention, HPV vaccine
Riti Shimkhada rshimkhada UCLA global health; immigrant health; quality of care; quality metrics; social determinants of health; health policy; costs of care; Nepal
Dr. Eti Rajwar @etirajwar Epidemiological study designs and methodologies
Dr. Eti Rajwar @etirajwar Manipal University Epidemiological study designs and methodologies
Preben Aavitsland @epidemino Epidemi Infectious disease epidemiology
Hayley Gorton @hayley_gorton Manchester Pharmacy School pharmacoepidemiology; suicide research
Traci N. Bethea @shelovesepi Boston University cancer, environmental, and social epidemiology; health disparities; social determinants of health
Shannon Gray @ShanzkiGray Monash Injury Research Institute Injury and Biomechanical Epidemiology
Matthew Shumack @snowboardphd ACRISP Federation University Injury Epidemiology. Winter Sports.
Nirmala Perera @Nim_Perera Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP) Injury epidemiology, epidemiological study designs and methodologies,program evaluation, bio-statistics
Himalaya singh @himalaya.uni Federation University Australia spatial epidemiology
Salwa Zghebi @salwasz278 Manchester Pharmacy School Pharmacoepidemiology, Diabetes Epidemiology
Gilaad Kaplan @gilkaplan University of Calgary Global Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Gastroenterology
Caroline Finch @CarolineFinch Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention, Federation University Australia injury epidemiology, sports injury epidemiology, falls epidemiology, injury data coding and systems, injury surveillance
Hannah Leslie H2Leslie Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Social epidemiology, HIV, alcohol use, global health
Sam Harper @sbh4th McGill University social epidemiology, demography, policy analysis, health inequalities
Madeline Sterling @mad_sters New York Presbyterian- Weill Cornell Medical College Health systems, health disparities, cardiovascular disease, mHealth
Lauren Fortington lfortington Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention injury, amputation
James Michiel @jamesmichiel Emory University mHealth
Tommaso Panni tommipans Helmholtz Zentrum München Epigenomics
Kayleigh Mason @KayleighJMason University of Manchester Pharmacoepidemiology, psoriasis
Shannon Majowicz @ProfMajowicz University of Waterloo Foodborne disease, food safety, public health practice, applied epidemiology
Alex Quistberg aquistbe University of Washinngton Injury Epidemiology, Active Transport, Built Environment, Pedestrian Safety
Yasser Albogami @yalbogami University of Florida; King Saud University Drug Safety and Effectiveness Evaluation; Chronic Disease Epidemiology; Epidemiological Study Designs.
Taylor McLinden @mclindent McGill University HIV, hepatitis C, food insecurity
Elizabeth Yanik @LizYanikPhD Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute Cancer, infectious diseases, methods
Marc Lipsitch @mlipsitch Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Mathematical Modeling, Pathogen Population Genomics, Research Ethics
Nicola Leckenby @Datamonitor_NL Datamonitor Healthcare
Dr. Amit Bhavsar @amitbhavsar85 Sanofi-Pasteur Epidemiology in developing countries
Gregory Benjamin GBenjaminEpiTU Temple University, College of Public Health
Angeladine KENNE @AngeladineK Centre Pasteur du Cameroun Infectious diseases; biostatistics
Tim Lash @TimothyLash Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University cancer epidemiology, epidemiologic methods
Lisa Bodnar @lisabodnar University of Pittsburgh Perinatal epidemiology, nutritional epidemiology
Lauren A. Wise @LaurenAnneWise Boston University School of Public Health Reproductive Epidemiology
Bernard Harlow fitzharlow Boston University School of Public Health Women’s reproductive and gynecological health, and victimization
Jennifer Weuve @EpiDancer Rush University epidemiologic methods, aging, neurologic outcomes, environmental health, dance
Pam Factor-Litvak @FactorPam Mailman School of Public Health Columbia University environment, perinatal, pediatric, reproductive, neurologic
Diane Lauderdale @dianelauderdale University of Chicago sleep, behavior, aging, immigration
Rajaa alraddadir Saudi Epidemiology Association Chronic Diseases
Sameer Gopalani @lab_rat_sam World Health Organization
Mamaru AwokeMamaru Karolinska institute Epidemiology of cancer, infectious diseases epidemiology
Kimberly Bertrand @kbertrand Boston University breast cancer; lymphoma; early life
Margaret Handley @MAHandley University of California San Francisco implementation science, mixed methods, diabetes prevention, community engagement, primary care-public health, mapping
Steve Schwartz @StephnMSchwartz Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and University of Washington School of Public Health cancer epidemiology
Mark Danese @mark_danese Outcomes Insights, Inc. biomedical informatics, biostatistics, R programming, oncology
Clement Ade
Clement Adebamowo @adebamowo University of Maryland School of Medicine Cancer epidemiology
Anna Mölter @anmolter Colorado State University Environmental Epidemiology
Stephen Gilman @GilmanStephenE Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Children’s health, health inequalities, mental health
Daniel Beachler @danbeachler National Cancer Institute Cancer, HPV, Vaccines, Pharmacoepi
Erin Liu @ErinYiranLiu Queen’s University alumni Health informatics, surveillance, data analytics, population health
Elevate Health @ElevateH Elevate Health Epidemiology, Global Health
Brittany Charlton britshmit @harvardmed @BostonChildrens #contraceptives #HPV #cervicalcancer #LGBT #healthdisparities
Atif Kukaswadia @DrEpid Child health, injury prevention, mental health, immigration, ethnicity, multiculturalism, equity, administrative data, big data,
David manheim @DavidManheim Pardee Rand Graduate School Infectious disease modeling, Bayesian approaches, intervention and response decisionmaking
Sean Cleary @seandcleary3 Milken Institute School of Public Health, George Washington University health disparities, immigrant health
Alison Wright @_AlisonWright University of Manchester Epidemiology/Pharmacoepidemiology; diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gender/ethnic disparities, mortality
Theodore D Cosco @tdcosco
Martí Casals @CasalsTMarti Public Health Agency of Barcelona; Epidemiology Service Statistics, Epidemiology, Injury Prevention, Sports Biostatistics, Sports Analytics, Sports Science&Medicine
Anusha Vable @AnushaVable Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences Education policy, social mobility, health disparities, health equity
Whitney Zahnd @whitneyzahnd Southern Illinois University School of Medicine/University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign cancer epidemiology, health disparities, spatial epidemiology, rural health
Guy Fagherazzi @GFaghe French National Institute of Health and Medical Research Diabetes ; e-Health ; Nutrition ; Cancer
Kristen Arthur @KristyEpi Loma Linda University Community health; Global health; Health Disparities; Social Epidemiology
Audrey Blewer @audreyblewer University of Pennsylvania Cardiovascular epidemiology and epidemiology methods
Ryan Seals @RMSeals Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Neuroepidemiology, methods, demographics
Amy J Hobbs @amyhobbs Johns Hopkins University RMNCH, global health
Eric Lofgren @GermsAndNumbers Washington State University Infectious disease, modeling, hospital acquired infections, methods
Jon Huang @jon_y_huang McGill University Life Course Epidemiology, DOHaD, Health Equity, Policy
Jen Richards jrich_atl Emory University Perinatal and pediatric epidemiology
Germán Franchini @gerfranchini Universidad Nacional de Cordoba Pesticide Exposre Assessment; Environmental Epidemiology; Occupational Exposures
Germán Franchini @gerfranchini Universidad Nacional de Cordoba Pesticide Exposure Assessment; Environmental Epidemiology; Occupational Exposures
Manish Kar @ManishKarMD LSHTM Public health policy, SDoH, Ageing and dementia
Lisa Noguchi @lisanoguchi JHU
Amit Bhalchandra Bhavsar Amitbhavsar85 Sanofi Pasteur Vaccines
Ian Rapson MplsIRR University of Minnesota Methods, Cardiovascular diseases, interventions
Miquel Porta miquelporta IMIM UAB PRBB UNC Cancer, environment, methods
Anna Mölter @anmolter The University of Manchester
Priya Duggal @priya4genes Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Genetic Epidemiology
Kevin Messacar @kmess44 University of Colorado Pediatric Infectious Disease
Stephen Gange @stephengange Johns Hopkins University Methodology; Cohort Studies; HIV
Sterling Haring @sterlingharing Johns Hopkins University Injury, policy
Jamie Robertson @JMRobertson Harvard Medical School Educational Epi, Reproductive Epi
Emily T Murray emilytmurray University College London life course; area effects; neighbourhood effects; ageing; housing
Keri N Althoff @kerinalthoff Johns Hopkins School of Public Health HIV, cohort collaborations, child health
Faye Norby faye_epi University of Minnesota cardiovascular epidemiology
Annette Adams @adamsan24 Kaiser Permanente Southern California injury epidemiology, injuries in older adults, osteoporosis and fractures
Maria del Pilar Fernandez @piliffq University of Buenos Aires Eco-epidemiology; vector-borne diseases
Genevieve Wojcik @genandgenes Stanford University Genetic Epidemiology
Jonathan Mayer @jmayer0716 University of Washington Epi of pain; clinical epi; infectious disease ecology; One Health/ecohealth; spatial epi
Michael Scheurer @mescheurer Baylor College of Medicine cancer, infectious agents
Martine Elbejjani @martinebejjani NIH Neuro-epidemiology, mental health
Miguel Hernan _MiguelHernan Harvard University Methods
Alexandra Blair @amsblair University of Montreal, CHUM Research Center Social epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, policy evaluation, health equity
LAOUALI @papalopoulos42 Inserm Hormone, CVD,Cancers,Nutrition, Mortality
Juanma Garcia Juanma_Garcia_T SAS Cardiovascular epidemiology. Non transmisible epidemiology
Tinevimbo Shiri @tshiri Warwick University, Clinical Trials Unit Infectious disease epidemiology, health economics
Andrew Stokes @astokes Boston University School of Public Health Obesity Epidemiology
Vicki Johnson-Lawrence Vickilawrence18 Michigan State University Social epidemiology; health equity; multiple chronic conditions; stress and resilience
Chandra Jackson Dr_ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Social epidemiology; health equity; Sleep health; CVD
Chandra Jackson @Dr_CLJackson National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Social epidemiology; health equity; Sleep health; CVD
Daphne Ling @LingDaphne Hospital for Special Surgery Sports Medicine
Tamar Lasky @TLaskyPhD MIE Resources drug safety, children’s health
Benjamin Capistrant bencapistrant University of Minnesota social epidemiology, epidemiology of aging, CVD
Abhishek Vishnu abhivishnu Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Genetics; BigData
Adelina Artenie adelinaartenie University of Montreal addiction, hepatitis C virus, longitudinal research
Anna Pollack @azpollack George Mason University environmental epidemiology, environmental justice
Alex Sundermann @ACSundermann Vanderbilt University Reproductive epidemiology, pregnancy health
Peter Tennant @pwgtennant University of Leeds Causal inference, pregnancy, obesity
Miguel Cordero @macordero University of Bristol Developmental Epidemiology
Scott Weichenthal @WeichenthalS McGill University Air Pollution/Environmental Epidemiology
Vanessa Gordon-Dseagu @dseagu NCI Lifestyle factors and cancer
Matt Fox @ProfMattFox Boston University HIV, epidemiologic methods, bias analysis
Ruth Geller @RuthJGeller GWU Reproductive and perinatal epidemiology, environmental epidemiology, social epidemiology
Scott Delaney S_Delaney Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Social Epidemiology, Psychiatric Epidemiology, Neuroscience
Ken Rothman @Ken_Rothman Research Triangle Institute Unfocused
Ludo van Amelsvoort @LudoAmelsvoort Maastricht University Occupational epidemiology; Clinical epidemiology
Travis Gerke @travisgerke Moffitt Cancer Center Integrative molecular cancer epidemiology
Snehal Pinto Pereira @SPintoPereira UCL
Sabine Rohrmann @sabine_rohrmann Zurich University Lifestyle, Diet and Cancer
Jérémie Botton @JeremieBotton University Paris-Sud, INSERM Environmental Epidemiology, Growth modeling
Ellie Murray @epiellie Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health Causal inference, agent-based models, pragmatic trials
Chris Delcher Chris_delcher University of Florida Drug policy
Laia Becares @inequalccsr University of Manchester life course; ethnicity; racism; area effects; social inequalities
Carme Borrell @carme1848 Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona. Catalonia Social epidemiology
Justin Lessler @JustinLessler Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Infectious Disease Dynamics, Study Design
Ninad Chaudhary @drninadc University of Alabama at Birmingham Genetic Epidemiology, Cardiorenal, Sepsis
Mario Rojas @mario_rojas UNAM Health-related behaviors
Jacqueline Mix @jacquelinemix Emory University Cancer survivorship, chronic kidney disease, HPV vaccination, environmental health, microbiome
Megha Mehrotra @megtron9 UCSF HIV, causal inference
Maarten van Smeden @MaartenvSmeden Leiden University Medical Center Epidemiologic Methods
Brian J. Hall, PhD @brianhallphd Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health & University of Macau (China) global mental health, migration, social determinants, social epi, social networks, e/mHealth, psychiatric epi
Brigid Lynch @drbrigidmlynch Cancer Council Victoria Cancer epidemiology; physical activity; sedentary behaviour
Kathryn Leifheit @LeifScience Johns Hopkins SPH Social epidemiology, child health
Erica Warner @ewarner_12 Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School #bcsm #lcsm #cancer #disparities
Dr Babasaheb Tandale @TandaleDr Indian Council of Medical Research Epidemiology, Infectious diseases, Outbreak response, Health Emergencies, Implementation research
Dr Babasaheb Tandale @TandaleDr Indian Council of Medical Research Epidemiology, Infectious diseases, Outbreak response, Health Emergencies, Implementation research
Susanna Cramb @susannacramb Cancer Council Queensland Cancer epidemiology, disease mapping, Bayesian hierarchical models
Tarik Benmarhnia @TBenmarhnia UCSD Environmental Epidemiology; social epidemiology; epidemiologic methods; policy evaluation
John Ji @profjohnji Duke Kunshan University Environment
Eirini Trichia @eirini_trichia MARC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge Nutritional epidemiology, statistics, machine learning, metabolomics, global health
Maëlenn Guerchet @mmguerchet King’s College London Global Health
Usama Bilal @usama_bilal Drexel Dornsife School of Public Health Social Epidemiology, Urban Health
Sarah McNaughton @McNaughtonSarah Deakin University Nutritional epidemiology
Leslie Farland l_farland Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Women’s Reproductive Health, Endometriosis, Infertility
Cara Frankenfeld @CaraFrankenfeld George Mason University Methods, nutrition, environment, social
Ling-Wei Chen @LingWei_Chen University College Dublin, Ireland Nutritional Epidemiology, Lifecourse Epidemiology, DOHaD, Body Composition, Maternal & Child Nutrition
James Gwinnutt james_gwinnutt University of Manchester Rheumatology
Sudha Ramalingam drsudhapsg PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Environmental Epidemiology, Epigenetics, Non Communicable Diseases
Sudha Ramalingam @drsudhapsg PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Environmental Epidemiology, Epigenetics, Non Communicable Diseases
Ehsan Karim ehsan7x University of British Columbia Causal inference, machine learning
Julia Heck @AnEpidemiolgst UCLA cancer, reproductive, eye conditions, global health
Victoria Osasah Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Infectious disease, health systems innovation
Heather Limper @hlimper Vanderbilt University Medical Center Hospital epidemiology, health services research, quality improvement
Laust Mortensen @udansk University of Copenhagen Population health, reproductive epidemiology, social epidemiology
Marleen van Gelder @MarleenvGelder Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen, Netherlands Pharmacoepidemiology; perinatal epidemiology; epidemiologic methods
Parag Mahale @vagrant_feet National Cancer Institute Hepatitis virus infections, cancer epidemiology
Emma Tucker @EmmaTucker_Epi Halton Region Health Department Public Health
Rita Hamad DrRitaHamad University of California San Francisco social epidemiology, causal inference, health disparities
Marios Rossides @mrossidescy Karolinska Institutet Clinical Epidemiology
Marisol Carreño Jaimes @mariadelsolcj Msc clinical epidemiology Internal medicine, cardiovascular disease
Brigitte Strahwald @strahwald LMU Munich health communication, data & information visualization, teaching
Juliet Pulliam @SACEMAdirector SACEMA, Stellenbosch University Infectious disease epidemiology
Rafael Meza @meza_rafa University of Michigan Cancer epidemiology, prevention, mathematical modeling
Eduardo Rodríguez-Román @erodriguezroman Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas Molecular epidemiology of microorganisms. Phylogenetic analysis. Virus evolution.
Barnabas Mbogo @drbmbogo Independent Social Epidemiology, Infection
Prasad Gawade Amgen
Chloe Eng @_chloeeng University of California, San Francisco Lifecourse socioeconomic exposures, education, psychosocial health, cognitive aging
Hazel Inskip @hazelinskip University of Southampton, UK Maternal and child health and development, behaviour change, statistics
Aung Win aung_ko_win The University of Melbourne, Australia Cancer, Genetics, Precision Health, Screening
Journal of MPE Molecular Pathological Epidemiology @pathepidemiol IMEDPUB Journal Epidemiology
Frank van Leth @FvLScience Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development Infectious diseases, Research methodology, Tuberculosis, Antimicrobial resistance
Jessie Buckley @JessiePBuckley Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Environmental, pediatric, and perinatal epidemiology
Shawn Zamani @ZamaniShawn Moffitt Cancer Center (US)/ MRC Cancer Unit (UK) Cancer Epidemiology
Bailey DeBarmore BaileyDeBarmore UNC Chapel Hill electronic health records, cardiovascular, diabetes, methods
Emily Ricotta @Iplaywithgerms NIAID/NIH Infectious diseases, machine learning, methods
Angie Bengtson @BengtsonAngie Brown University HIV, reproductive and perinatal epidemiology, intersection of infectious disease and chronic disease during pregnancy
Timothy Ihongbe @oseaga University of Michigan Maternal and Child Health
Erin Bowles @ErinJBowles Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute cancer epidemiology, primarily breast, including screening, risk factors, prevention, treatment, and survivorship
Sarah Twardowski @SarahTwardowski McGill University methods, reproductive and perinatal epidemiology
Marc Garrett @OutsideStats none Public
Chighaf Bakour @cbakour1 University of South Florida Methods, adolescent health, sleep, adverse childhood experience
Yadev I @episurgeon Gmc Clinical epidemiology
Michael Mina @michaelmina_lab Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School Infectious Disease Dynamics, Immunology, Vaccines, Biotech
T.J. Paxton Hardy SnackpaxEpi Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Field Epidemiology, Science Communication, HIV/AIDS, Advocacy
Babasaheb Vishwanath Tandale @DrTandale_Epi ICMR Virus infections and disease cases clusters outbreaks epidemics pandemics epidemiology surveillance response prevention control research
Stephen Deppen @StephenDeppen Vanderbilt University Medical Center Cancer, Diagnostic Testing, machine learning, Health services, Clinical decision analysis
Brian Dixon dpugrad01 Indiana University Computational epidemiology, public health informatics, infectious diseases, chronic disease, injury prevention