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Past Participants

“The 2015 workshop brought together twelve students from programs around the country and four distinguished faculty with diverse research expertise. It was very successful, and everyone I spoke with later enjoyed the workshop and thought it provided valuable suggestions for the students. Both students and faculty had carefully read and considered the proposals ahead of the workshop, and the discussions were thoughtful and insightful. The diversity of research areas and methodologic challenges kept everyone engaged through the day. The faculty brought tremendous breadth of research experience and accumulated wisdom to their comments. The students did not hesitate to jump into the discussions of each others’ work. I feel so lucky to have helped continue this great SER tradition.”

          —Diane Lauderdale, 2015 Workshop Chair and SER President- Elect


“This year’s annual SER Student Dissertation Workshop was held on Tuesday, June 21, 2011, at the Le Centre Sheraton, in Montreal, Canada, just prior to the opening of the 3rd North American Congress of Epidemiology. For this year’s workshop, we received 55 applications and had the difficult challenge of selecting 12 proposals for detailed discussion in Montreal. To assist with selection, as well as the workshop itself, we recruited four outstanding faculty members (three epidemiologists and one biostatistician) who collectively had expertise and experience in virtually every major area of the field. These faculty members reviewed the proposals and helped make final selections.The workshop began with a light dinner reception and presentation on the evening of June 20. This informal “meet-and-greet” helped everyone get to know each other better, thus facilitating the work ahead. The day of the workshop was action-packed for students and faculty. Proposals were assigned to one primary and one secondary faculty member, so each proposal was discussed extensively, offering the opportunity for students to learn in a positive, constructive environment. The workshop was viewed by all as a productive and enjoyable experience, allowing for an open exchange of ideas in a collegial and supportive context. Evaluations from students indicated that all would definitely recommend this workshop to other students.”

—Polly Marchbanks, 2011 Workshop Chair and SER President-Elect