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Dissertation Workshop – Additional Information


Individuals wishing to apply for the Dissertation Workshop will be required to provide the following details at the time of submission:

  • Name, Email, Phone Number, School Affiliation
  • Project Title, Department Chair/Head Name, Academic Advisor’s Name, and Academic Advisor’s Email
  • Demographic information regarding Race and Gender
  • 1 – PDF file containing a 2-3 page description of the project, double spaced. One or two additional pages of tables or figures may be included. File should include the project’s current status-planned, data collection in progress, data collected and analysis in process, etc. Description should conclude by proposing one or more methodologic issues raised by the project for discussion at the workshop.
  • 1 – PDF file containing the information listed above with all references to your name, institution, etc. removed.



Students selected for participation will receive a fellowship to support travel expenses for the meeting.




Applicants are encouraged to be current members of SER at the time of applying for the workshop, though this is not required. Selected applicants however, are required to join SER prior to participating in the workshop.