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Past Award Winners – Marshall Joffe Epidemiologic Methods Research Award

2022 Marshall Joffe Methods Award Winner
Stephen Cole

Stephen R. Cole works to build robust, accurate, and impactful knowledge at the intersection of epidemiology and statistics. He is interested in study designs and analyses that accurately estimate parameters of central interest to population-health scientists. These study designs include randomized experiments and observational studies. In particular, he is interested in infectious diseases, primarily HIV, and birth outcomes.

2021 Marshall Joffe Methods Award Winner
Malcolm Maclure

“I am a ‘case of crossover,’ oscillating between academe and government, trying to combine the active skepticism of Tom and Iain Chalmers with the skeptical activism of Dr. Bernard Lown, co-founder of International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War. While I was an Assistant Professor at Harvard School of Public Health, helping Dr. Lown with a peace project (1986-88), I met another IPPNW activist, cardiologist James Muller, who invited me to help him design what became the Myocardial Infarction Onset Study. Read more


2020 Marshall Joffe Methods Award Winner
Elizabeth Stuart
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Elizabeth A. Stuart is a professor of mental health, biostatistics, and health policy and management in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she is also Associate Dean for Education. Her research involves causal inference and missing data methods and their application to mental health, substance use, education, and public health more broadly.  She has done influential work in propensity score methods for non-experimental studies, and in methods for assessing and enhancing the external validity (generalizability) of randomized trials to target populations.  She received her AB from Smith College and her Ph.D. in statistics from Harvard University. After working for two years as a researcher at Mathematica Policy Research, she joined the Johns Hopkins faculty in 2006. Read more