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SER Statement


A Statement on Racism from SER

Any statement that we as a society could make at this moment is insufficient to express the thoughts and feelings of our leadership and membership. George Floyd’s murder may have been a catalyst for the current wide-spread protests of police violence, but the pernicious violence that preceded George Floyd’s passing highlights the centuries of racial inequality that persist in the everyday lives of our membership and our scholarship, and have enduring impacts on population health. While words remain fraught and hollow, we reinforce our commitment to racial justice and equity, in epidemiology and in our service to membership.


The Society for Epidemiologic Research condemns racism and anti-Black violence in all of its forms. We are committed to working toward racial justice and equity in the field of epidemiology, in our communities, and in society as a whole.


Martha Werler, SER President
Enrique Schisterman, SER Past President
Jay Kaufman, SER President-Elect
Magdalena Cerda, SER Member at Large
Matthew Fox, SER Member at Large
Katherine Keyes, SER Member at Large
Daniel Westreich, SER Member at Large
Dana Pasquale, SER-SPC President
Nadia Abuelezam, SER Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair
Stephen Gilman, SER Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair
Suzanne Bevan, SER Executive Director