Member Insight – Augusto César F. De Moraes

What sparked your decision to become an epidemiologist?
In Brazil, the health system is majority public and good. I thought that started when my mom was elected as a Chair of the Health Community Board of our neighborhood. From that, my mother began to participate in the decisions about the health system for our neighborhood, vaccination, health care for the elderly, etc. Thus, it sparked a flame to study epidemiology to understand our Society.

What do you see as the biggest obstacle facing epidemiologists in the next five years?
Ow, this is a tricky question. In general, the probability of starting another pandemic. However, in my research area city environment is not prepared to stimulate active commuting, e.g., walking and cycling, and we have to improve these behaviors in our cities. On the other hand, here in the US, the health system should be public and paid for by the government, such as in Brazil, the UK, and other countries.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have 3 Border Collies. Duke, The Big Brother, 6 years old. Indy, The Bossy Sister (I rescued her in the middle of the 1 st pandemic year) 8 years old; and Tica, The Pretty and Shy.

Why did you join SER? What keeps you coming back?
When I was Pot-Doc at Johns Hopkins, my supervisor Dr. Szklo suggested that I go to the annual meeting and enjoy the Society. And after 4 years, that was a piece of great advice.

What advice do you give students who want to become epidemiologists?
I speak and teach students how we can use the epidemiology approach to understand behavior or a health condition, and it is necessary to study different areas of knowledge and teach how epidemiology an explain the world/environment in which we live.,

Outside of epidemiology what do you enjoy doing?
I love sports (watch and play), São Paulo FC ?? ⚽ , Chicago Bulls ? , Baltimore Ravens ? , Austin FC⚽ & Longhorns? , Oenophile? & Brewer? , Chef de Cuisine ?? (specialty: Paella ? Valenciana)! Also, I love Grunge rock? ? punk rock & samba rock, Irish Pub? , History, Nerd ? Culture, Sport, and positive vibes!

What is something that not many people know about you?
I hate cheese, mayo, and catchup. I cannot eat any plate with these food items. Yes, I do not, and in every restaurant, I go to, I have to say that I have lactose intolerance for the people who respect my orders.