A Brief Foray Into Anti-Racist Public Health Research

Arrianna Marie Planey

To be actively anti-racist is to understand that racism is manifests as the systematic structuring of differential and inequitable access to resources (e.g. inequities in access to healthcare, education, and green space) and proximity to hazards (e.g. environmental racism), such that individuals and communities racialized as non-white are unfairly disadvantaged, while others racialized as white are advantaged. This reading list is a start for integrating this understanding into public health research. At the nexus of racism and medicine, it is essential to learn the history of racism, medicalization, and health inequities. As such, these readings include core frameworks (methodological and bioethical) as well as historical and ethnographic texts.


Reference Articles for Public Health Researchers who wish to do anti-racist work:

Suggested Books on the Topic of Racism, Medicalization, & Health Outcomes: