Top Cited AJE Articles

Joanna Maselko and Jennifer Woo

The American Journal of Epidemiology (AJE) is the official journal of the Society for Epidemiology Research and has been highlighting epidemiology research for close to 100 years. Here we focus on the top 15 most cited articles from the past five years according to Web of Science and Google Scholar. As time since publication contributes to the number of citations that a manuscript can receive, we also highlight the article from each year that received the most citations but were not ranked in the top 15.

The most highly cited article was

Methodological articles

AJE is often a key resource for learning about emerging and evolving epidemiological methods from the use of big data and the boom of -omics research to the validation of dietary questionnaires. These highly cited articles fell into two categories –those focusing on study design and analytical approaches as well as those focused on the validity of measurement.

Study design and analytical approaches:

Measurement development and validity:

Mental and cognitive health

The role of mental and cognitive health in overall health and well-being continues to be elucidated. The most cited AJE articles on this topic highlight just how intertwined mental and cognitive health are with our social interactions, the physical environment, and our physical health.

Nutrition and Diet

The field of nutritional epidemiology is well represented among the most highly cited AJE articles with two of the articles noted under ‘Measurement development and validity’ and the meta-analysis below. In addition to highlighting associations between nutrition and health, efforts continue to improve the methods used to capture the nuances of diet as a primary exposure.