2020 Elections

The control and administration of SER is vested in an Executive Committee, which, as per SER bylaws, includes a President, Past-President, President-Elect, five Members at large and an Executive Director. All positions, except for the Executive Director, are elected individually by majority vote of the members voting.  

The 2020 Elections include candidates for President-Elect, Member at Large (Membership), and Member at Large (Awards). SER members are entitled to vote for one candidate in each position. The voting period begins on April 7, 2020 and concludes on May 8, 2020. 



Jennifer Ahern

Candidate Statement:

SER has been my professional society home for over a decade and I would be honored to serve as President. Over the years I have benefited from the productive discussions with colleagues, and enjoyed getting to know epidemiologists at all career stages – the conference is truly an academic highlight of my year. I have contributed to the SER in a variety of ways including as a submission reviewer, poster judge, “breakfast with the experts” and dissertation workshop faculty, and symposia, contributed session and plenary session organizer. I have been a member of the SER Publications Committee since its inception. The SER Workshop I have co-led on methods for causal inference has been a wonderful opportunity to make some of the latest methods developments more accessible, and it has initiated productive debates and collaborations with SER colleagues. Read more

Onyebuchi Arah

Candidate Statement:

I am humbled by the opportunity and privilege to run for the President of the Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER), my primary professional home. Running for this important office in 2020 when our annual meeting will be held in Boston is also symbolic to me because I attended my first SER meeting in Boston in 2007 as a new junior faculty from the Netherlands, still fresh out of graduate school and a visiting professor at UCLA. As an international member at the time, it was a big commitment to attend SER meetings which I did gladly because SER provided a natural professional home for me. Read more

Member at Large – (Awards)

Anjum Hajat

Candidate Statement:

Like many of us, I look forward to the annual meeting – catching up with old friends, making new connections and most importantly leaving with new ideas to apply to my work. For me, the annual meeting is an exercise in self-improvement, a way to continue to hone my skills as an epidemiologist. I have also enjoyed the many webinars and career development sessions SER hosts throughout the year. Compared to the other professional organization I am affiliated with, this active effort to serve the membership sets SER apart. It would be an honor to serve a professional organization so committed to its membership. Read more

Richard MacLehose

Candidate Statement:

I am excited to throw my hat in the ring for Member-at-Large for SER. I attended my first Society for Epidemiologic Research meeting in Seattle in the halcyon days of 2000. I snuck into the meeting without paying and was delighted that no one questioned who I was or what I was doing there; I immediately knew this was my sort of organization. Indeed, over the years it has become increasingly clear that SER is the place I feel most academically at home. As proof, I offer the following description of my first SER meeting with the full knowledge that any of these sentences could be used to question my mental state in a court of law: I attended a symposium titled “Bayes Watch,” a pun involving a TV show that nobody in the audience had likely seen; I enjoyed the “Bayes Watch” symposium immensely; I think Sander Greenland’s presentation on partial Bayesian analysis and data augmentation may have influenced my career trajectory. Read more

Member at Large – (Membership)

Jessica Chubak

Candidate Statement:

Serving as a member-at-large for SER would be a great honor. I am eager to be of service to SER. SER has been my disciplinary home for over a decade. I think I have attended every annual meeting for the last 15 or so years. I have participated in many of SER’s offerings, including the Student Dissertation Workshop, pre-conference workshops, poster sessions, and symposia. I have been an abstract reviewer, poster session judge, symposium organizer, and webinar attendee. SER has been a place of immense professional growth for me – I’ve made new colleagues and friends and learned new methods. I hope that I can serve as member-at-large and help provide such opportunities for others. Read more

Anna Pollack

Candidate Statement:

I am excited about the chance to serve SER as Member-At-Large. I have been a member of SER since my doctoral training. I attended my first SER meeting in Chicago in 2008. During epidemiologic methods class, Tom Glass encouraged students to jump in a van and attend the SER annual meeting, so that’s what I did (except for the van). I volunteered at registration and shared a room with 3 other students. Since then, I have regularly attended SER annual meetings and view them as my professional home, where I have forged strong connections with colleagues, learned new epidemiologic methods, and developed papers and grant ideas with friends and colleagues. I have served SER on the Publications Committee and have assisted with the Epidemiology Counts podcast. Epidemiology Counts is instrumental in translating complex epidemiologic research to be accessible for the general public. Read more

Student and Postdoc – President Elect

Spruha Joshi

Candidate Statement:

My name is Spruha Joshi, and I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for President-Elect. I am currently a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota in the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, defending this spring. While at the University of Minnesota, I have served as both the doctoral student meeting chair as well as the doctoral student representative to the Division’s Training Committee. Following the completion of my degree, I will join NYU Langone’s Center for Opioid Epidemiology and Policy as a postdoctoral fellow. I was lucky to attend my first SER annual meeting at an early stage in my career. The annual meeting and society at large have been an integral part of my professional trajectory, and I am thrilled at the chance to serve on the SPC board. Read more

John Pamplin

Candidate Statement:

I am honored to have been nominated to run for President-Elect of the SER Student & Post-doc Committee (SPC). Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, where I am a predoctoral fellow on the NIMH T32 training grant in Psychiatric Epidemiology. My research interests center around studying the consequences of racism on health, with a specific focus on mental health.

Over the last 5 years, SER has played an immense role in my development as an epidemiologist. Between the opportunities I’ve had to present work and develop relationships at the annual meetings, and the year-round events such as SERdigital and SERtalks, I can honestly say that SER, and the SPC in particular, have both played as important of a role in my development, as any other single component of my doctoral training. I, like many others, feel that SER has truly become an academic home for me. But as a trainee, I feel even more fortunate to have a home within that home. To me, serving as President-Elect of the SPC would be an opportunity to help make sure that the SER-SPC continues to be that home, and would be a chance to further the SPC’s reputation as a source of professional growth and community for all trainees. Read more