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SER issues a bi-monthly newsletter from SER to all its members, which will include key dates and information on upcoming events. Issues are released in February, April, June, September and November of each year. SERnews also includes notices sent to members through out the year.



April 2021

President’s Message – Jay Kaufman

It falls on me to be the bearer of bad news, although it lessens the sting to know that this comes as no real surprise to anyone. Travel, hospitality, and the many dimensions of daily life – from childcare to university reimbursements – have not yet returned to such a state that we can depend on them in June. Those of us who closed our eyes and anticipated the warm Pacific breeze on our faces must wait until summer of 2026 for that sensation (our San Diego hotel contract is not canceled, but merely postponed by 5 years). Many thanks to the nearly 1100 of you who responded to our recent survey, effectively supporting this reluctant decision in something of a landslide. Nearly 60% of respondents indicated that they would only attend a virtual meeting, and another 20% offered that they would attend regardless, but preferred the virtual format under the circumstances. A hybrid meeting is substantially more expensive, and with only a small number of people indicating that they would come in person, it seems impossible to justify the large additional cost that is ultimately subsidized by a majority who will not benefit from it. Faced with this reality, the Executive Committee today finally abandoned our fondly held hope for some miraculous reprieve. The 2021 meeting will be 100% virtual. Read more

SPC President’s Message – Catherine Lerro

Hello SER Students and Postdocs! Spring has officially sprung, and SER has lots of amazing programming to look forward to in the upcoming months.

Join us April 21 from 12-1 PM EDT for the Student and Postdoc Committee’s journal club, where we will discuss the article “Identifying cardiovascular severe maternal morbidity in epidemiologic studies” with the author Isabelle Malhamé. On May 12 from 12-1 PM EDT Martha Werler and Wendy Nembhard will hold a discussion on #MeToo. The purpose of this webinar is to recognize sexual harassment in our field, consider the consequences, and identify corrective ways forward. This session will be interactive, presenting data and anonymous stories collected via survey from SER members. Read more


2021 Elections

Cast your vote in the 2021 SER Elections! 

President-Elect: Onyebuchi Arah and Pam Factor Litvak
Member at Large (Communications): Sunni Mumford and Peter Rebeiro
Member at Large (Education): Jessie Edwards and Mustafa Hussein
Student and Postdoc Committee – President Elect: Sharia Ahmed and Kelli Gribben

Click here to learn more about each candidate and to cast your vote!


There are many reasons people join SER. Visit the ‘Why Join SER’ page to learn about various reasons from current SER members! Click here to learn more.

#2021 SER Membership

Memberships for SER2020 are still open! Renew your membership to receive discount conference rates!

  • Access to SERlibrary
  • Reduced Rates to the Annual Meeting
  • Access to the Mid Year Meeting
  • Eligible for SERawards and Travel Scholarships
  • Eligible to participate in the SERmentoring program
  • Participate in SER Elections
  • Access to the SER Job Board
  • Lots of discounts for AJE and Oxford

Click here to learn more about membership benefits.

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*2021 Membership will open December 20, 2020

2021 Annual Meeting – Virtual

SER President, Jay Kaufman, just announced in his President’s message that the conference will be 100% virtual. Although we would love to be in person, there are many great benefits to a virtual conference!

Stay up to date with the conference planning! Visit the #SER2021 Conference page for more details.


SERmember Insight

Learn about SERmember Hoda S. Abdel Magid! From what sparked her interest in becoming an epidemiologist to advice she has for students who want to become an epidemiologist. Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Events!

Don’t miss the exciting line up of SER events!


SERmember Publications

Members of the Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER) are active in many circles and we would love to highlight the work that everyone is doing! We invite members (and especially student and post-doctoral members) to provide information about recent media reports covering their work or quoting them, publications or major events (awards, dissertation defense announcements) for the @societyforepi twitter account to promote and share.

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Educational Resources

Universities around the world have moved to online delivery of education in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the wake of this change, courses, course content, e-journal clubs, and other material and events are becoming more readily share-able and available to students and practitioners regardless of geographic location. SER would like to serve as a resource page for students, faculty and practitioners to share and access FREE educational content, both live lectures and recorded or printed material.

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SERlibrary – Are you utilizing all the resources available to SER Members?

  • SERdigital – “Integrating Mixed methods into Epidemiologic Research”
  • SERexperts – “Adapting to the Pandemic Job Market” and “Equitable Distribution of Vaccines for COVID-19”
  • SERplaylists – New lists uploaded! “Conceptual Papers on Race, Socioeconomic Status or Position, and Sexual & Gender Minority Health”
  • SERpodcasts – New episodes – Epidemiology Counts “Racialized Policing” with John Pamplin and Roland Thorpe
  • SERpodcasts – New episodes – SERious Epi “So external validity and transportability confuse the daylights out of you?” with Megha Mehrotra
  • Society Collaborations

Check it out here!