Meeting Registration

SER’s 2020 Conference will now be held as a virtual conference. Click here to view the full announcement.



Registration is now CLOSED

Members of SER receive additional discounts on the meeting registration fee. Be sure you are a 2020 Member and LOGIN, prior to registering, to receive the discounts. Click here to renew your membership. In addition, SER is pleased to provide discounted rates to those participating from low or middle income countries.

If you are not a member of SER, consider joining us! Membership offers much more than the discount on the meeting registration. You may notice as well that it saves you money to join SER and pay for the meeting. Click here to learn more about SER membership and member benefits.


We recognize that this is an unusual year, and that universities and other institutions have sometimes imposed administrative restrictions on spending that limits what kinds of activities can be reimbursed.  For example they might reimburse membership or workshop registration but not conference registration.  If you face such an obstacle, please contact Sue Bevan individually to see if there is a way that we can accommodate your restriction administratively.


Additionally, many individuals find themselves without funding to attend the conference due to current budget constraints. If you would like to commit additional funds to support another individual in attending the conference, please consider paying a higher registration fee to cover the fee of another individual. You can identify the specific individual you would like to support or make a general donation. The total amount donated will be added to your “Conference Registration” total in a single sum. If you have special requirements for obtaining reimbursement that require a more detailed documentation of funds paid, please let us know your specific needs so that we can try to accommodate them.  

If you wish to make a seperate donation, aside from conference registration, click here.



If cancellation of your registration becomes necessary, you may send written notice to Courtney Long, or Fax: 801-753-0430. Cancellations made by November 2nd will be accepted. A $50 administrative fee will be assessed on all cancellations. Confirmed registrants who do not attend the conference or who cancel after November 2nd are responsible for the entire registration fee.


The Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER) is committed to providing an atmosphere that encourages the free expression and exchange of ideas. The SER Executive Committee has developed a Code of Conduct to help ensure that all participants in SER activities will enjoy a welcoming environment free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation. To review the policy, click here.