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Annual Meeting Sponsors

Conference Sponsor

SER offers the opportunity to submit an advertisement to be included in the virtual conference. Ads may be placed in the virtual lobby, auditorium, and session rooms.

Logos on the website will begin once application, payment, and logo details are received. At the time of registration, you will be asked to upload your logo, advertisement or website link. Acceptable formats: jpg, gif, png

Cost: $1,000

Email Advertisement

Send an online advertisement to SER’s membership and meeting attendees! Organizations provide (500 x 500 pixels, hi-res) clickable ad to be included in a SER communication. At the time of registration you will be asked to upload your advertisement. Ads will be sent once the application, payment, and ad file have been received. 

Acceptable formats: jpg, gif, png

Cost: $1000

Conference Material Resource

Do you want to advertise a position or program to virtual attendees? Register to place a flyer in the conference resources section.

Company is responsible for supplying the flyer design. Materials will be available to conference attendees in the Resources section of the virtual conference.

Cost: $200