2020 Workshops

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2020 Workshops – More details coming soon!


Morning Workshops – 8:30-12:30pm

  • Machine Learning for Epidemiologists: A Statistical Learning Approach
  • Estimating propensity scores for binary, multinomial, and continuous exposures using TWANG
  • Data manipulation, visualization, and reproducible documents with R and the Tidyverse
  • Reproducible Research in Epidemiology: Why and How
  • Estimation and interpretation: Introduction to parametric and semi-parametric estimators for causal inference
  • Transportability and Data Fusion in Casual Inference Studies
  • Scientific Manuscript Writing for Peer Review Journals: Communicating Results of Studies
  • Workshopping Your Specific Aims
  • Algorithms, Bootstrapping and Cross-Validation: The ABCs of Machine Learning for Epidemiologists


Afternoon Workshops – 1:00-5:00pm

  • Propensity Score Analysis in the Context of Complex Survey Data
  • E-values, Unmeasured Confounding, Measurement Error, and Selection Bias
  • Utilizing electronic health records for epidemiological analysis
  • Peer review for authors of scientific manuscripts
  • Causal inference for multiple time-point (longitudinal) exposures
  • Workshopping Your Specific Aims
  • Creating Inclusive Classrooms and Curricula in Epidemiology
  • Confounding control for estimating causal effects: Looking under the hood
  • An Introduction to R for Epidemiologists


Evening Workshops – 5:30-7:30pm

  • An introduction to directed acyclic graphs: What you never wanted but needed to know about bias and didn’t even know to ask.
  • How to make a picture worth a thousand words: Effectively communicating your research results using statistical graphics
  • An introduction to transporting treatment effects from randomized clinical trials to clinical practice
  • Meta-analysis