Magdalena Cerda


Magdalena Cerdá is the Vice Chancellor’s Chair in Violence Prevention, and an Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine, at the University of California, Davis. In her research, Dr. Cerdá integrates approaches from social and psychiatric epidemiology to examine how social contexts shape violent behavior, substance use and common forms of mental illness. Her research focuses primarily on two areas: (1) the causes, consequences, and prevention of violence; and (2) the social and policy determinants of substance use from childhood to adulthood. Dr. Cerdá has more than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals, in addition to five chapters in major textbooks. Current NIH-funded studies include a simulation of the impact that different types of firearms disqualification criteria could have on population-level rates of firearm-related homicide and suicide, a national study on the impact that prescription drug monitoring program characteristics have on prescription opioid and heroin overdose, and a multi-country study on the health and social consequences of marijuana legalization.