SPC President’s Message

I hope this finds you all well.  As everyone knows by now, there will not be an in-person meeting in June.  Instead, the SER Annual Meeting will be held in Boston from December 15-18, 2020Registration is open and we hope to see you there.

During the week that the Annual Meeting should have been held, please look out for virtual events.  The SER calendar is still being updated, but definitely be on the lookout for a “Get to Know SPC” event that is open to anyone, even people who are not SPC members.  This is a great time to learn what we do and let us know what would be most helpful to you (students, postdocs, and early career specifically) in terms of programming, including what you were looking forward to or counting on for the in-person meeting in June.  It’s a great time to meet the new Officers, too – including John Pamplin II, who will be stepping into the role of SPC President-Elect beginning in June.  John has been an active SPC member for years and we are excited for him to take a more active role.

I regret that I will not have the opportunity to thank in person the excellent SPC Officers with whom I have worked this entire year.  My job was easy because of their dedication and motivation.  Rebecca Barry, Internal Affairs Chair, scheduled and managed our meetings, developed and analyzed the Fall Survey, and generally kept me on track.  Julie Petersen and Kendra Sims, Education Co-Chairs, have worked tirelessly this year to bring you all of the events which define SPC outside of the annual meeting:  the SPC Journal Clubs, SPC Career Development Webinars, and SERdigital.  They planned multiple overlapping events throughout the entire year.  Paige Wartko and Precious Esie, Program Co-Chairs, have already set the program for all SPC events at the Annual Meeting, including Breakfast with the Experts, Speed Mentoring, and the SPC Career Panel.  We hope to bring you some form of these events virtually before December.  Robert Orellana, Media Chair, has done an excellent job managing our social media.  Alvin Thomas, is our newest member as the Diversity and Inclusion Representative from the SER Executive Committee.  Since he started with SPC in January and throughout the next year, Alvin will continue to contribute to each SPC activity.  I look forward to working more with Cathy Lerro, the incoming President, this year.  And of course, my deepest thanks to Yeyi Zhu for setting an excellent example for me to follow as President.

Though the Annual Meeting has been postponed, we still have series of SPC events scheduled throughout the summer and fall.  Please join the SPC Journal Club on 15-July-2020 from 12-1pm EST.  The next SPC Career Development Webinar is scheduled for 16-September-2020.  Again, please check out the SER Calendar for details:  https://epiresearch.org/ser-calendar/.

SER and the SPC have been significant to me since I attended my first Annual Meeting the summer after my first year as a doctoral student at UNC, and throughout my entire career thus far as a student and now postdoc.  I am grateful to have been able to serve this year to give back to the Society.  Thank you.  I hope to see you all virtually for these events and in person at the SER 2020 Annual Meeting in Boston.

All the best,
Dana K Pasquale
2019-2020 SER-SPC President
Twitter: @dana_epi