SER President’s Message

Happy October all! SER is off to a great start! The September Executive Board Meeting was a success. We reviewed all of the submitted symposia and workshops and after a very competitive process, we notified those that were selected for the upcoming 2019 SER Annual Meeting. On that note, we are in the midst of selecting the keynote and plenary speakers. I heard through the grapevine that SER was able to secure a NPR Host, stay tuned for more info. Recently, we were able to secure funding for the SER Visits initiative from Columbia University for a visit in the coming year. Tim Lash just finished a successful visit at the University of Arizona. I could not be happier to see SER forging more and more university connections. Keeping with the spirit of collaborations, ACE and SER’s joint online webinar was a hit. It sparked a great discussion of current epidemiological issues and future goals for the field of epidemiology. The SER Forum initiative has been recently re-vamped, thanks to Magda and Andy. It was changed to be a more interactive process where SER Leaders can answer your questions about anything live. I participated in the first one on the first Wednesday of October and the next one is scheduled for the 7th of November with Martha Werler. Our fixed calendar has been finalized so be sure to check the SER website every week for that week’s new Wednesday activity. This will be a weekly benefit to all members of SER. Happy Halloween and I can’t wait for the new updates November will bring!