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Do you ever find yourself struggling to figure out a question about epidemiologic methods, or other topics in epidemiology, and don’t know who to ask? The SERforum allows for individuals to answer questions that come up in our daily work around substantive and methodological topics in epidemiology.
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SERforum - Live with Dr. Martha Werler

Here's one idea regarding augmenting the visibility of surveillance and applied epidemiology at SER:  Coordinate with CSTE to have a CSTE-sponsored session at the conference.  This has always been tricky because of very similar conference meeting dates, but if CSTE could send up a panel of really "hot topics' in PH practice....perhaps with an emerging methods would expand that voice at SER.  If I can be of help, let me know.

Julie - great question!  I know of some organizations that  have made D&I a priority only to have those intentions wane over time.  We need to keep D&I up front and center - change takes a long time with sustained efforts.  Here at BUSPH, we’ve had and continue to have many symposia, workshops, etc on matters related to marginalized populations, bias, prejudice and implicit bias training.  I think repeated trainings/reminders like these are essential to challenge the status quo, especially for someone like me who was raised in a time and place of relative homogeneity (Minnesota in the 1960s and 70s – I’ll let you fill in the demographics!).  



Love your post!  I've got this down on my list of action items.  I'll be in touch!  Thank you.

Thank you Dr. Werler  and for all those who participated in the SERforum - Live!

Feel free to leave additional questions and we will get back to you!

The hour is about to close, before that, I want to thank all of you for your great ideas.  Let's keep the momentum going.



Thank you for doing this! I don't have any questions but I wanted to thank you for dedicating your time for this important topic!