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Do you ever find yourself struggling to figure out a question about epidemiologic methods, or other topics in epidemiology, and don’t know who to ask? The SERforum allows for individuals to answer questions that come up in our daily work around substantive and methodological topics in epidemiology.
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SERforum - Live with Dr. Enrique Schisterman

Hi Enrique, thanks for this opportunity! How would you describe the relationship between SER and practicing epidemiologists (i.e., those not employed in academia/NIH; e.g., epidemiologists in health departments, CDC, industry) - both what it is and what it should/could be? (I would prefer not split us into tribes, but I think there are some real differences in some of our day-to-day activities and priorities. We used to get together at the Epi Congress, but I heard that is no longer happening?)

Dear Andy,

Thank you for listening. We have a lot of exciting things planned, for example SER Visits and more joint society collaborations, to name a few.

Hi Katherine and Yeyi! Anyone, absolutely anyone can put together a symposium. Any career level, at any institution. We are only looking for great ideas! Once we receive all of the submissions, the board members have finished each of their lists, the board meets and uses the following criteria in order to choose the top fifteen symposia and ten workshops; topic, career-level, and institutions.


Hi Enrique!!! Thanks for doing this.  Can you give some tips, particularly for students, on how to write successful abstracts?

Thank you for the question Catherine! You are right, the Congress is not in play anymore. However, it used to be once every five years. We have embarked on collaborations with all of the societies that are going to be 3-4 times a year. These collaborations are going to reach out to all types of epidemiologists, we are also trying to analyze some data to see how we can enhance and provide more opportunities for all members of SER regardless of field.

Hi Pam! Great question, a good abstract is one that has a clear question on the background, a single answer, and a strong conclusion. Due to the word limit, it has to be equivalent to your elevator talk. We are also allowing now one figure upload to help you tell a better story. Let us know if this change is helpful!

Hello, Enrique, from Ohio. 🙂

How many members does SER have? Approximately how many of those members are students?

SPER is looking forward to our upcoming collaborations!


Pam, to be honest for the first 7 years I was a member of SER none of my etiological abstracts were accepted for talks, only my methods work. So don't give up!

Hi Courtney!

SER has approximately 1800 members per year with just under 50% of our members being students.


We also look forward to our upcoming collaborations with SPER! 🙂

Anybody hungry? 🙂