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Do you ever find yourself struggling to figure out a question about epidemiologic methods, or other topics in epidemiology, and don’t know who to ask? The SERforum allows for individuals to answer questions that come up in our daily work around substantive and methodological topics in epidemiology.
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SERforum - Live with Dr. Enrique Schisterman

Welcome to SERforum - Live with Dr. Enrique Schisterman!

Looking forward to chatting with you all in ten minutes!

Hi everybody! In the spirit of transparency, you can ask me anything about SER or anything else! By the way, my favorite movie is Princess Bride.

Hi Enrique! Thanks for doing this! Can you tell us how people can get elected to SER Executive Board? What is the process?

Thank you for that question, Magda! Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can be nominated for any position using the SER website. After we have gathered all of the nominations, the board reviews all of the nominees and begins to list all of the nominees based on contributions to SER, scientific standing, number of nominations received and in addition we keep in mind the diversity of institutions, specialization, race, and gender, to name a few factors. After the evaluations, the two of the selected nominees are contacted by board members to gage the nominee’s interest and explain what the position entails. If the first two decline then the two others the list will be contacted, and so on. Once two nominees have agreed to run, they will be asked to write a statement explaining why they are interested in running for their position at SER. The final step is an open election in which general members vote between the two candidates. (The voter turnout for these elections have been really low, so don’t forget to rock the vote!)

I’ve heard chatter about SER possibly doing a podcast? Is this happening??

Hi.  Can you tell of of some of the new initiatives that SER is working on?

Andy (long-time listener, first time caller)


What are the best tips to developing a symposium or workshop topic that gets accepted?

Hi Dr. Mumford, thank you for your question! You shouldn't listen to all chatter.. ;). The SER Podcast is actually our new initiative with the goal of increasing communication between those that conduct research and the people they are trying to help. The podcast is set to cover a wide variety of topics within epidemiology. We are organizing the first working group meeting to take place soon and are excited for the podcast to be up and running by early next year.

Hi Enrique, could you please explain how symposia are selected? Can students and postdocs submit symposia proposals? Thanks!