Health Equity in Latin America

Health Equity in Latin America

Latin America has a long-standing history of research on health inequalities associated with the social medicine movement, especially in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina,. Other countries have joined this effort and made some advances in equity research,.The aims of this symposium are to analyze: 1) why differences in health outcomes in Latin America result from socio-economic, ethnic, and gender inequality, creating health inequity gaps across and within countries; 2) how different Latin American countries are advancing to measure and shorten health equity gaps. All students, faculties, researchers, public policies markers interested in health equity issues will be welcome.

Session Chairs:
Maria Milla,
Hermes Flors, University of Miami

Alexandra Restrepo, University of Antioquia
Arachu Castro, Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Maria Milla, UNICAH/ SHNO

Paula Braveman, University of California, San Francisco

Session is sponsored by The International Epidemiological Association