SER President’s Message

I am excited that we are now less than a month away from the Annual Meeting! We have a very exciting meeting planned! Here are a few things to especially be on the look-out for:

  1. Alix Spiegel from Invisibilia, one of NPR’s most popular podcasts, will be one of our keynote speakers. If you haven’t listened to her podcast before I would recommend checking it out before the meeting.
  2. All are invited to the President’s Reception this year on Wednesday June 19th directly following Poster Session 2. It’s sure to be a blast with a DJ, appetizers and lots of fun!
  3. Our international speakers will be epidemiologists from Chile be sure to check out their lunch time symposium at noon on Thursday, 6/20.
  4. I can’t wait to share what I have found while conducting the Bibliometric Analysis, which looks at previously accepted SER abstracts and workshops, during my President’s Address. I will also be presenting some of the steps the executive board has decided on to tackle these issues.
  5. SERvisits winners and institutions will be the focus for this year’s special reception. If you were part of this program and didn’t receive an invitation, please let me know.
  6. This year we will be honoring Moyses Szklo and his many years of dedication to AJE as the Editor-In-Chief as he retires from his position at the end of June.

Side note: If you haven’t done so already and are still interested contact Jaimie Gradus as soon as possible to sign up for the “Take a Break with…” program being piloted at the annual meeting this year to help junior members of SER network with more senior members of SER.

Congratulations to all of the winners of this year’s SER awards, judging was an especially not easy task this year but we were able to select a group of individuals we believe were best deserving. Once again, congratulations to all winners!

In addition to planning for this year’s annual meeting, there have been a lot of developments from the many SER committees. If you haven’t heard it yet, go and check out the latest SERpodcast episode from SER’s Epidemiology Counts, it’s on plastics and their public health implications, it’s a really awesome episode! We are happy to report that after the SER Annual Meeting, we will be having a few SER Society Collaborations. As of now, we have collaboration events scheduled with ACE, SPER, and ISPE, just held events collaborating with ISEE and IAPHS and are looking forward to adding more societies to the list of collaborations! The Diversity and Inclusions group has been upgraded from a working group to a Committee and is working on SERvisits to invite more institutions for next year’s events. We are also in the process of discussing the next steps for the SERforum and will continue to send updates. Thank you all for a wonderful year of connecting and collaborating, it has truly been a joy to be your President. Looking forward to seeing you all at #SER2019 in Minneapolis!